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#The First to 100 Contest

Campaign Brief

Contest Description

Want to get paid for having fun? Download our game “Add Three!” and nominate a friend to join your team on Hot Streaks, a fast-paced addition game. Answer each addition question correctly to increase your streak! Keep playing Hot Streaks until both you and your friend reach a streak of at least 100. The lowest score between the two of you will be your contest submission. Then submit a screenshot of both of your streaks on Nookapp in order to enter the First to 100 Contest. Read more in the Contest Guidelines to learn all the steps you have to complete to enter the competition for the $100 prize.

Contest Period: April 14, 2021  3 pm EST — April 28, 2021 11:59 pm EST.

Selection of Winners: April 30, 2021 3pm EST

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About The First to 100 Contest

The First to 100 Contest is designed to promote our new game “Add Three!”. The contest revolves around a game mode in Add Three! called Hot Streaks. Hot Streaks is a fast-paced addition game that rewards players for how many answers they can get in a row.

Your task is to spread the word about the contest. Basically, two friends have to challenge each other in Hot Streaks to get 100 answers correct in a row. More info about The First to 100 Contest can be found below on the Official Contest Page.

About Nookapp

Our brand Nookapp (pronounced “no-cap”) is a new mobile game company catered towards Millenials and Gen Z. We develop causal games for the iPhone and for Androids.


1 TikTok post promoting The First to 100 Contest and directing viewers into entering the contest.

Goal of Video

To get as many people as possible to compete in The First to 100 Contest by bringing them to the Official Contest Video that will be posted on Nookapp’s TikTok page.

Key Message

You and a friend can both win $100 for playing a game/ You and a friend can both win $100 for streaks.

Mandatory Post Requirements

  • Link to @nookappgames TikTok account
  • Must include hashtags (in addition to your own hashtags): #thefirstto100 #hotstreaks
  • #ad disclosure according to FTC Rules

Video Instructions

You are free to make your own video in your own creative direction as long as it meets the goal of video and highlights the key message.

Reviewing Content

The TikTok video must be privately available for review by April 13, 2021 3 pm EST. Nookapp will review the content before the intended post time and will inform you if any changes to the video are necessary before officially publishing the video at the start of the contest.

Posting Schedule

Video must be posted at the exact start time of the The First to 100 Contest: April 14, 2021 at 3 pm EST.

  • PST: 12 pm
  • MST: 1pm
  • CST: 2pm

Display Period

The video must be displayed on your TikTok page for at least two weeks, up until the contest entry deadline: April 28, 2021 11:59 pm EST. You may not delete the video before the contest is over.

What should the video contain?

We’re not going to hold you to any strict requirements for the video; we’d rather have the video be organic from your own creativity. Though keep in mind the goal of the video: To promote our “The First to 100” Contest, build hype around it, and get as many people as possible to participate in it by driving everyone to the Official Contest Video that will be posted on Nookapp’s page. The Official Video is the STARTING POINT of entering into the contest and will have all the contest instructions.

If you make comedy TikToks for example, …

Incorporate the contest into one of your comedy skits. Naturally, the video will be funny, and in return, it will get good engagement. Then link Nookapp’s TikTok account in the video description, and let all your fans know to head over to our page to enter.

What to emphasize

Emphasize the cash prize, that the game is easy to play, to not miss out on the competition, and to go to Nookapp’s page to enter and follow all the instructions.